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How I Saved My Own Life!

I’m Dane Johnson, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and founder of CrohnsColitisLifestyle, LLC. I know what it’s like to feel as if there is no way out of this terrible disease. I was unable to walk, living on a feeding tube and using antibiotics/chemotherapy to keep me alive from a devastating battle with Crohn's/Colitis. Through natural therapies I reversed all symptoms, became drug free, surgery free, and took back my life without worry.

The secret to my success was 1.) Personalization 2.) Simplification 3.) Consistency 4.) Always learning & Innovating

There is no “One Size Fits All".

We've built a company which empowers to you to personalize your needs with the support of our Doctors, Expert Coaches, and empowered Community. 

All of our practitioners were once victims of Crohns/Colitis and now live in remission themselves and help others do the same. We've successfully helped hundreds of people from different countries, diet preferences, and age ranges achieve their health goals and so can you.

If you're committed to your health, so are we.

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The Secret Behind S.H.I.E.L.D

A multi-dimensional program that allows you to cultivate a healing response to Crohn’s/Colitis Symptoms by personalizing these 6 pillars of health towards your unique needs. The S.H.I.E.L.D. Program compounds all healing efforts into simplified daily efforts.

Private Coaching

As part of your program, 1-on-1 private coaching is included for three months with direct message support with your coach and community support specialist. Your coach has personally experienced IBD and has supported 100's of others with IBD. Your coach has the experience and niche to help you get results! It's commonly said that "private coaching is priceless" and truly helps make your customized program a success. We also offer extended private coaching as desired.

Professional Grade Supplements, Lab Work & Therapies

Your membership includes a $400 gift card for supplements you may need. All supplements are 3rd party tested, clinically proven with family-owned companies. You will gain access to order the most premiere functional lab work to your doorstep across the world. You will also have access to education of the most profound alternative therapies such as Ozone therapy, Peptide therapy, Colon therapies and much more. You have international access to the most powerful solutions for IBD!

Customized IBD Solutions

There is no "one size fits all" solution for IBD. We partner with you to build your very own unique solution no matter if you're dealing with constipation, diarrhea, weight loss, surgery, fistula, pain, bloating, or other issues. We help you save countless hours and efforts by building this with you and refining it as we gain experience and RESULTS! This is one of the most important parts of our success and will be one of the reasons why joining the S.H.I.E.L.D. Program will be one of the best choices you've ever made. Build your unique solutions and get self-empowered.

LIVE Training & Community Access

As part of your program, 1-on-1 private coaching is included (60min session) for 3 months with direct message support from your IBD coach and support specialist! Your coach has personally reversed IBD symptoms themselves and has helped 100's of others become self-empowered. Our coaches focus on IBD and know what it takes to get massive results! It's commonly said the private coaching is priceless and helps make your customized program a success. Extended private coaching is available as discussed with your coach after the initial 3 months of coaching included.

Support Specialist

Your personal IBD support specialist is included in the program to help guide you through your membership values and maximize your experience for optimal results! Your support specialist has also experienced Crohn's and Colitis personally and will assist your private coach in helping you through your journey to success!

Lifetime Membership

Includes a lifetime membership for the one time investment. There are no hidden fees, subscriptions or other costs you must incur as a member beside supplements and lab work as desired.. Your membership includes 3 months private coaching, lifetime access S.H.I.E.L.D. Program, wholesale price on labs (no profits ever), exclusive discounts on professional grade supplements, access to IBD University, and weekly LIVE trainings by Dane and our IBD Professors. Your membership includes any upgrades to the program at no additional costs.


"From 99lbs bedridden to 158lbs drug, surgery, and symptom free. This saved my life!"

– Matt Langnan

The Minds Behind S.H.I.E.L.D

Doctors and coaches who are supporting the creation of this content.

Dane Johnson, CHN

CEO & Founder

Dane is the founder of CrohnsColitisLifestyle inspired by his own life threatening battle with Crohn’s/Colitis that he reversed using natural practise. As a Board Certified Nutritionist and one of the most successful Crohns/Colitis coaches in the world, he has helped thousands around the world find their unique answer to IBD while building a community of supporters, doctors and healers!

Coach Jon, HHC

Lead U.S.A. Coach

Jon is one of the most distinguished and accomplished coaches on our team. He has lived with Crohn’s Disease for 33 years using many conventional medications and having an ileostomy surgery. He is now living a full life without symptoms or signs of Crohn’s Disease in his lab work. He has since also diagnosed and treated Candida, Mold (aspergillus), and Glyphosate as root causes issues through his research and lab testing. He is a testament to what can be done no matter how long you have been dealing with Crohn’s/Colitis.

Thomas Kuchenbrod, CHN


Thomas suffered from severe UC throughout high school going into college. After trying traditional therapy and seeing poor results, he started to dedicate his life to learning how the human body functions and living a healthy lifestyle. This growth has allowed Thomas to not only become the healthiest he has ever been but has allowed him to passionately help hundreds of individuals all over the country. Thomas graduated with a bachelorette degree in public health from the University of South Carolina, where he also worked on the athletic training staff for the gamecock football team. Soon after graduating, he completed his certification in holistic nutrition. He is currently enrolled at NUHS in Chicago, pursuing his doctorate in chiropractic.

Laurie Bachler


Laurie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a concentration in Marine Biology from Florida Atlantic University which was her first love and passion in life. After years in the field working on various projects on and near the ocean, she decided to pursue her other passion and started training for professional beach volleyball. She played on one of the US national tours for a short time before being diagnosed with UC in early 2016. After trying natural healing on her own for a couple years with minimal success and several hospitalizations, she joined CCL where she was able to jumpstart her healing journey. The tools and resources available through CCL have allowed her to continue investigating her underlying root cause issues and connect with an amazing community of positive like minded individuals. She is currently continuing her studies in Holistic Nutrition with the hopes of being able to positively impact our IBD community as one of their community support specialists!”

Arman karnani, HHC


Arman is one of our Coaches who work primarily with our European & International Community members. Born and raised between Madrid and Gibraltar (a British overseas territory), Arman is national to both Spain and the UK and fluent in both Spanish and English. He is also originally Indian, as both his maternal and paternal grandparents migrated from India in the early 1950s. Arman was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis in 2017. After long-term use of allopathic medication with little to no avail, he turned to CrohnsColitisLifestyle to find answers through natural and functional health therapies. Having experienced such great results, Arman made the switch from Community member to Team member and is now attending the Energetic Health Institute to receive his board certification in Nutrition.

Taryn McDougold


Taryn graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from UMaine in 2012. Through her experience working as a Registered Nurse and Licensed Massage Therapist for many years, she has always been dedicated to helping others find their path to wellness. Her journey with health issues since 12 years old, and a moderate-severe diagnosis of Crohn’s at the age of 17, has given her a deeply personal understanding of the physical, mental, and emotional challenges associated with the disease that can impact one’s life. Having tried many approaches to manage her symptoms including every class of medication, she persevered to heal her body naturally, become med-free, and through the support of CCL, was able to gain a more in-depth understanding and healing of her root cause issues. Taryn is continuing her education to become certified as a functional nutritionist and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with others, providing them with the strategies to help them heal their symptoms, achieve their goals, and ultimately live their best lives.

Bekki Hlava


Bekki is our International Community Support Specialist, based in the UK, who was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at the age of 15.

She joined our community whilst suffering from a critical flare in the hospital and after running out of all medical resources, was about to have her colon removed.

In just 3 months, she was not only able to avoid the surgery and save her colon, but also was able to eliminate her symptoms and gain more information and tools than she had learnt in 15 years.

Due to her miraculous results, she discovered a passion to share her story with others who were suffering and in fear – to spread hope and awareness about the possibilities of using natural and functional health therapies; alongside the right strategy.

As part of our Crohns Colitis Lifestyle team, she now speaks to and supports our community members around the globe, to maximize the results of their natural healing experience with us.

Coach Preetam, HHC

Indian Coach

Our head coach in Europe and India. Preetam is our coaches which has created a healing journey through a unique diet, culture and lifestyle. He lives in remission from Crohn’s Disease after managing extreme conditions for many years. He achieved his results using a vegetarian diet, predominately focused on an Indian-based food diet all while taking care of his young daughter and wife. He works with clients of all ages, races, and diets but specializes in vegetarian/Indian diets.

Kelly Thomas


Kelly joined Crohn's Colitis Lifestyle after 14+ years of living with moderate-severe Crohn's Disease. After undergoing two bowel resections and running out of traditional medicine options, she ventured into the naturopathic realm for healing results. With only temporary help as the outcome, she finally found the Shield Program to aid in finding her long-term, unique solution. At the end of a 3-year flare (which included extreme weight loss, limited eating, hospital visits, 12+ bowel movements a day, blood in the stool, sleepless nights, etc) the Shield Program gave her immense symptom relief and she is now living the life she never could have imagined was possible.

Due to her immense results, and passion/background in teaching others, she has joined the Crohn's Colitis Lifestyle team as a Community Support Specialist. Her hope is to make others feel understood in their journey, educate people about their natural treatment options, and to walk alongside them as they uncover the possibilities for their health through holistic and functional medicine.

How It Works

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Get access to the resources needed to create your unique answer with more success than ever.

Feel free of symptoms and self-empowered!

Completely eliminate your symptoms and take back your life today.

"I’m 3 weeks and 3 days into the healing program with @DaneJohnson1, and i’m not even exaggerating when i say i’m about 80% better…completely naturally & drug free.

"I’ve literally spent tens and thousands of dollars over the past decade trying to find an answer. This is it. The answered prayer that i’ve spent countless nights crying, surrendering, and praying to god and the universe to provide me with a miraculous healing. Even my naturopath was surprised (but absolutely thrilled) with my amazing progress, during our appointment today. Over the past 10 years, dozens of doctors and specialists told me that i’d have to live with pain and misery my entire life, and to keep taking the medications that were literally poisoning my body and making me wayyy worse.

"And it made zero sense to me to take drugs whose side effects were the exact same symptoms I was suffering from in the first place, and was keeping me sick, AND making me sicker. Seriously, in what world does this possibly make sense!?

"And the other meds they were pushing me to take instead were biologics that damage DNA and are infamous for causing cancer. I personally refused to go down that road, and they said i would die if i didn’t But honestly, i road, and they said i would die if i didn’t. But honestly, i never trusted that to be true at all, and i followed my own intuition and guidance and decided to take another path, more suitable for me.

"Not to be stubborn (although i totally am) but because i had undeniable FAITH that i could and would heal fro this naturally and holistically, and I knew my body hates drugs and responds better to natural remedies anyway. And most importantly, I NEVER gave up!

"Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do what your heart and soul is encouraging you to do. It isn’t always easy but it’s 10000000% worth it!!! #Faith #CrohnsCrusader"

Take back your life in a matter of DAYS...TODAY!

Don't take long to decide. We can only take so many before we're at max capacity.

Best Value!



(Save $251)


Installment Plan!



(2x months payment plan)


Frequently Asked Questions

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The SHIELD Online Program gives you a complete guide on how to create your own personalized healing protocol from the comfort of your home. It gives you access to our doctors, coaches, community, and exclusives discounts to help empower you to get the results you’ve already dreamed of. If for some reason this program does not work for you, we’ll gladly give you a full refund within 12 days.

If you end up requesting a refund, you’ll need to show me that you did the work by completing “The Daily Blueprint” outline and passing all the quizzes from the first 2 modules. The information is important and it will not work unless you put in the work. Full Terms and Conditions here.

I want to see you succeed so please let us know if you are having trouble and we will help you get the results you always dreamed of!

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